Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Confessions of a TV Junkie: Dance Moms

I have a confession...I thoroughly enjoy Dance Moms.  It is a total guilty pleasure for me.  As a dancer, instructor and coach, I have a total of seventeen years of dance experience and I watch almost all the dance shows.

This an over the top, hot mess and I love it.  The studio owner is always yelling and the mothers are always fighting.  It is crazy...but so fun to watch.  I just wish they showed more dancing.

Now I would not in a million years sign a child up for dance at one of the studios featured on this program; nor would I agree to this type of "reality" program.  (Seriously, it has to be scripted.)

That being said...I have thought some of the things that the loud mouth studio owner Abby says.  That would be the difference...I thought it.

This show does make me appreciate the overwhelming majority of the dance moms that I have worked with during my tenure as a dance coach.  The nightmares like the mothers on this show...very few and far between. did inspire a t-shirt design that my girls loved.  After a particularly rough year in which a mother repeatedly called the principal to complain about her child's spot in formations, my girls ran around dance camp with "But my mom thinks I belong of the front row..." emblazoned across the front of a t-shirt. 

Now I have to go because my guilty pleasure is on Lifetime.  Two girls are dancing to the same theme; another ran off the stage in tears and the preview showed the studio owner leaving the competition early.

I have to see what happens next!