Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pray for you

The roommate has a new philosophy.  She has decided to stop letting people anger her and that she will pray for those who annoy her because they must be unhappy.  She believes that they are treating her poorly because of what is going on in their lives.  For example, our boss makes an arbitrary and asinine decision; the roomie will tell me that she's going to pray for our boss. She thinks it is working because our boss has been frighteningly chipper and pleasant as of late...which is freaking me out.

I'm not quite that enlightened yet.  Every single time that she says it, I get the lyrics to that country song going through my head--Pray for You by Jaron and the Long Road to Love--where the preacher advises him to lift it up and pray for the person who wronged him but he prays for bad things to happen to this person.  As a result, I nearly giggle when the roomie's being completely earnest and then I feel bad. 


Snarky and sarcastic are two of my best events; closely followed by resentment and rage--unhealthy to be sure.  There's a reason I habitually need a massage.  Her new philosophy has seemed to mellow her out and I could use that.

I'm going to have to work on this.  Too bad that song is so dang catchy but hey, laughing is positive.  Right? 
I may be in some trouble here...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Adventures of the Little Black Dog: A Princess & A Bully

The little black dog is used to being an only child but he typically thinks everyone is a friend--human or canine.  Then the princess came along and upset his apple cart.

My sister travels a lot for her job and at the last minute, she had to go to Iowa for two weeks, which meant her dog--the princess--had to go somewhere.  Usually she's stuck at my parents outside on a forty foot cable but this time, she's here with the roommate, the little black dog and me. 

Initially he was sooooooo excited to have a visitor...but then she wasn't following the rules.  He knows that if he wants one of us to share french fries with him, then he better not whine.  He sits at the feet of whomever has the food looking as handsome as he can and waits.  He typically gets a bite...or two.  The princess is a whiner.

At first, he would just give her this look when she whined.  You know the look, it's the one that one kid gives another when the actions of one kiddo is about to get them both in trouble.  But she didn't understand the look and so he had to tell her about it!  Lots of barking.  His basset side makes him quite the talker.

She caught on quickly and all has been well.  Then enter the bully.

We rent a house and the house next door is also maintained by the same agency.  Early this morning, the maintenance  guys arrived to tackle the long to-do list that I sent them a few weeks ago. One item on the list--repairing the fence between our two yards but the neighbor's dog was in his backyard.  Something had to be done with her for the repairs to take place.

My roommate is a regular dog whisperer and she offered to watch her until the fence was back in place.  Things went downhill from there because she's a bully.

The little black dog had already had some issues with her.  She used to share her yard with a female rottie who was his Juliet.  They would stick their noses under the fence in mutual adoration.  The bully would push Juliet out of the way to get his attention.  He did not like that.

And now she was in his house...with his mama and the princess and his toys!  My roommate equated the experience with watching three toddlers.  The bully would push between the little black dog and his mama; that would prompt a disagreement.  The roommate would have to pull the two of them apart while the princess watched from the safety of the couch.

Finally the bully returned to her own yard and LBD and the Princess were ready for a nap.  I don't see any play dates in their future.

The Little Black Dog
The Princess